Helping your business stand tall

Why GIRAFFE associates I hear you ask? What’s a giraffe got to do with purpose and sustainability?

Well, for a start, there’s the height. As the tallest creatures on earth, giraffes stand out – they’re striking and unusual. Those are good qualities for a business to aspire to – they demand attention. Then, with the height comes the advantage of being able to stand tall and see more and further than other creatures. That’s a useful tool when evading predators or seeing where the next meal might come from. Again, a useful analogy for businesses who should be regularly scanning the horizon to see what’s coming and planning accordingly.

Finally, each giraffe’s markings are unique – much like a human fingerprint – and much like every business. At GIRAFFE associates, we treat every company as unique and respond according to what best suits their needs.

Some species of this beautiful creature are now listed as ‘critically endangered’ whilst others, due to the efforts of conservationists are simply ‘vulnerable’. What we offer businesses is a kind of ‘‘conservation’ – both for them and for the society they serve. We want to help your business be sustainable and add value to the world – just like the giraffe.

I’m Gillian McKee, owner of GIRAFFE associates

I’ve spent most of my career to date working in the corporate responsibility sector.

During over two decades with Business in the Community NI, I led the communications and marketing function before becoming Deputy Managing Director. In those years, I had the privilege of helping many companies to define their commitment to being purposeful companies, committed to doing business in a sustainable way that leaves a positive legacy.

Now at GIRAFFE associates, I can use that experience to help companies understand what sustainability means, how they can embrace it and what they will gain when they do.

I’ve built a network of valuable contacts with the expertise and experience to fill any gap in my own knowledge and skills, hence the ‘associates’ tag, so if I can’t fulfill some aspect of your brief, I will call on someone who I know can.