What are they?

In 2015, the UN published a new roadmap for our planet – one designed to create a ‘better and more sustainable future for all’. Known as the Global Goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), these are a call to action for all countries and all sectors of society. There are 17 Goals (see image below) and the intention is to achieve them by 2030.

Why do they matter?

Globally, we face challenges around poverty, hunger, inequality, climate change and justice amongst others, that need to be addressed. Locally too, many of all of the challenges the Goals set out to address apply in our society and it’s everyone’s responsibility to address these and make the world fairer and better for everyone. 

Increasingly, your customers and consumers are learning about the Goals and expecting action – not just from governments and civic society, but from business too. 

How can you engage with the Goals?

For companies already committed to the sustainability agenda, some of the Goals will already be familiar and you may already be contributing towards them in your business. For others at an earlier stage in their journey, it may seem like a big step to start engaging at this level, but it’s much less complex than it may seem. there’s no expectation that you should engage with all 17 Goals for a start. Some will be more material to your business than others and those are the ones you should start with.

At GIRAFFE associates, we can help you understand and build the SDGs into your strategy and communications in a way that will engage your stakeholders and allow you to make a meaningful difference to this vital agenda.

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